Grace Ngugi

Ms. Ngugi represents Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and sits in the Academic and Research Committee of the KISE Council.  She is the Deputy Director in charge of Special Programmes at KICD. She has 21 years’ experience as a curriculum specialist and is a member of the KICD Management. She is a member of several professional bodies and a council member in various other institutions. She is an accredited Counselor Supervisor with Kenya Counselors and Psychologist Association and a member of the Salzburg Global Seminar Social Emotional Learning Committee (KARANGA) among other committees. She is also an Author, Counselor, Educator/Facilitator in: Life Skills Education, Values Education, Parental Empowerment, Child Development, Care and Protection, Career Guidance, Psychometric, Social Emotional Learning, Disaster Risk Reduction Education, HIV and AIDS Prevention and Education, Social Cohesion, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, and Education in Emergency, among others. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience on matters of education and has facilitated in many educational related engagements/forums nationally and internationally.  Ms. Ngugi holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Diploma in Counseling Psychology.  She is currently pursuing PhD in Educational Psychology at the University of Nairobi.